Welcoming the support of the Scottish Sun for the re-election of the SNP Government, Alex Salmond, First Minister and SNP leader, said:

“Its fantastic news Scotlands biggest daily paper is backing the re-election of Scotlands Government.

The Scottish Suns welcome support for the SNP reflects the hopes and aspirations of the people for a successful Scotland.

“The SNP now has a record in government – one to be proud of, but above all one to build on. The SNP’s positive campaign is winning support across the country its great that the Scottish Sun backs the re-election of the Scottish Government and ambition for Scotland.”

Nicola Sturgeon, Deputy First Minister and Depute SNP leader, added:

“The Scottish Sun’s support is a big boost for the SNP’s re-election campaign – there is still two weeks before polling day, but our message to re-elect Alex Salmond as First Minister is proving a winner on the doorstep.”

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