The people of Scotland deserve their say

 Dr Alasdair Allan MSP has today welcomed press reports that senior Liberal Democrats are to break party ranks and publicly support a referendum on Scotland’s constitutional future. Reports suggest that LibDem Westminster candidates are set to go public on their support for a referendum after a serious of prominent members, including John Farquar Munro MSP and George Lyon MEP criticised Tavish Scott’s stance and claim that support for a referendum is running at four to one amongst LibDem members.

The Western Isles MSP, Dr Allan said:

“At four to one in favour of a referendum it is quite clear that support for the people of Scotland having their say is quite overwhelming.

“It is now clear that Tavish Scott must change his parties position on a independence referendum or face further embarrassment from a host of prominent LibDems. Clearly they do not agree – that standing in the way of the people of Scotland having their say is neither liberal nor democratic.

“The majority of Scots believe that they should have their say on our constitutional future, the majority of LibDem voters share that view and it looks like a majority of LibDem members are also supporting that position. What does Tavish have to be scared of?

“Tavish now has only one option, give the people of Scotland their democratic right or lose further credibility and authority as party leader.”