Tell 5 to Tell 5 Campaign

Tell 5 to Tell 5 CampaignCan I draw to your attention to the following?

• Newsnet Scotland – A balanced and informative pro Independence website.

• The Scottish Parliament’s e-petitions website –

“The Saltire flag above Edinburgh Castle” (closes 1st September)

• Petition for Scottish Independence

Interested in Scottish democracy? Want to help in the battle against a biased media? :
1. Visit Newsnet Scotland and join in the debate
2. Sign the e-petitions on the Scottish Parliament’s website
3. Sign the petition for Scottish Independence on the Scottish Independence Convention website
4. Pass on this communication to 5 others AND ask them to pass on to 5 others
5. Photocopy and distribute (handout in street, post to a friend, leave in waiting areas, phone / e-mail and tell a friend, etc)