SNP re-takes poll position ahead of elections


Figures released by pollsters IPSOS/MORI show the SNP back in pole position for both the upcoming Westminster and Holyrood elections.

The figures show Scottish voters are rejecting the phoney war between Labour and the Tories and opting for the only party that speaks up for Scotland.

The poll of 1009 Scots voters shows that in Westminster voting intentions

amongst those certain to vote the SNP is at 34%, while Labour are at 32%, Tories on 15% and the Liberal Democrats on 12%.

At Holyrood the poll puts the SNP on 36%, with Labour on 32% and the Tories and Lib Dems both on 12%.

Commenting on the poll figures, conducted between the 19th and 23rd November SNP MSP and Minister for Parliament Bruce Crawford said:

“These results show that the people of Scotland will not be fooled by the phoney war between Labour and the Tories.

“In both Westminster and Holyrood these results are tremendously encouraging for the SNP putting the party back in the lead as voters back a Scottish voice at home and in Westminster.

“The SNP is the only party which will always, in both London and Edinburgh, put the voters of Scotland first.

“Over the next few months the SNP will work hard to build the support of the Scottish people for Scottish representation in London and a vote on Scotland’s future here at home.

“As both Labour and the Tories compete to slash frontline services while spending over £100 billion on new nuclear weapons for the Clyde it is only the SNP that will stand alongside the people of Scotland in support of Scotland’s interests.”