A new report, released today in Aberdeen, shows that there is enough offshore renewable energy resource to generate the energy equivalent of a billion barrels of oil a year – exporting energy to the rest of the EU, and that this could generate the equivalent of £2700 per person by 2050.

SNP MSPs today called for this potential to be backed up with the release of the fossil fuel levy, changes to the transmission charging regime and the continued development of a North Sea grid.

Commenting SNP MSP Rob Gibson said:

“Scotland has truly won the off-shore energy lottery.  This report shows that as well as the continued oil resources under the North Sea there is enormous renewable energy potential that can truly power Scotland’s future.

“Renewables in Scotland are now a serious business and there is major development taking place.

“As a key priority the new UK Government must back the SNP’s ambitions for our renewables industry and act to release the £250 million fossil fuel levy for investment in renewables and take immediate action to ensure transmission charges imposed from London do not discriminate against Scotland’s huge renewables potential.”

SNP MSP for the North East Maureen Watt added her voice to calls for investment in Scotland’s energy future as she urged the new government to support SNP efforts to deliver a North Sea grid.

“The North East has reaped the benefits of the offshore oil industry which has provided skilled employment to so many people and we now have a real opportunity to be at the cutting edge of offshore renewables development.

“However, if this industry is to live up to its potential success, then it is vital that the infrastructure to export the electricity we produce to our European neighbours is in place. As the Offshore Valuation Study recognises, the construction of a European super-grid is absolutely essential to the economic future of the North East, the Scottish Government has played a key role in the early development of that grid and the UK Government must make it a priority.”


1.The Offshore Valuation Study report can be found at