Members of the Radical Independence Campaign (RIC) in Dumfries and Galloway were out in force yesterday (Sunday) as they took to the streets of Lochside to spread the positive case for independence.

The drive is part of the RIC’s push to reach the mission million; those from the most deprived areas across Scotland who are so disillusioned by the political system that they are not registered to vote.

There is a strong correlation between support for independence and social class, with 40% of households earning under £14,300 likely to vote yes, but the wealthiest Scots remaining resolutely hostile.

The referendum reflects longstanding societal divisions about the direction that the Westminster is taking the British state, and a desire to do things differently.

Commenting, Dan Foley from RIC D&G said:

“Communities like Lochside have been hit hard by the policies of successive Westminster governments. It was great to see so many people come out and help us spread the message that a Yes vote would give us an opportunity to challenge the inequalities that exist in our society at present.

“The feedback from those we spoke to on the doorsteps was really positive.”

Another RIC D&G activist, Lucy Brown, added:

“For the independence campaign to be meaningful, we have to ‘dig where we stand’ – this means taking a positive message into our local communities and workplaces, sharing experiences, and – most importantly – listening to people.

“The success of our mass leafleting is testament to how a truly grassroots Yes campaign with a positive message of change has the power to mobilise support and engage communities abandoned by the Westminster elite.”

South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine said of the campaign:

“The Yes campaign is an inclusive, grassroots campaign, which is really reaching out to people on the ground.  The Radical Independence Campaign is a crucial part of this and it is fantastic that we have such an active group here in Dumfries and Galloway.

“Their new slogan ‘Britain is for the rich, but Scotland can be ours’ truly encapsulates the heart of the Yes campaign, and will really  capture the imagination of those from deprived areas such as Lochside who have lost fail in the political class.”