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When: Saturday 5th September 2015 until 4pm
Where:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 36 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries, DG1 1JQ
What: Volunteers from all over D&G have overwhelmed organisers with donations for refugees in Calais
Who: Organisers Moxie DePaulitte, Tabitha Mudaliar and other volunteers.
Media Collateral: Interview will be available with the organisers.


Dumfries and Galloway comes together in overwhelming show of support to help those in crisis in Calais.

Horrified at the situation in the refugee camp in Calais, the people of Dumfries have organised aid to be delivered to those in need in an act of compassion and solidarity.

Since the idea was launched on September 1st, more than 2,000 people region wide have come together to assist the relief efforts in Calais by organising Collection Hubs covering the whole of D&G, and a central Dumfries based Drop Off Point to collate the donations.

“People have had enough of how badly their fellow human beings are being treated. It shouldn’t take photographs of a drowned child to prick the conscience enough to see Refugees as people just like us but, unfortunately, it seems to have come to that.” Said a spokesperson for the group. “The media have demonised our fellow men, women and children; deliberately using misleading language when referring to them and questioning their motives for leaving their home countries. The truth is that they are fleeing from horrors that we can’t even begin to imagine and we must help all we can.”

“We take so much for granted yet it could easily be us fleeing in the blink of an eye; we never know what is round the corner. It’s that simple. I can’t begin to contemplate what must have gone through Aylan Kurdi’s poor mother’s heart and mind as his tiny body slipped from her grasp, yet so many similar families are taking such risks to get to safety. I hope that we are treated with more compassion than we have collectively shown our fellow humans should we ever be in their position. The Government should be ashamed of themselves.”

“What is heartening though is just how many people have leapt at the chance to help. It just shows what can be achieved on a grass roots level when people pull together. It really is a Massive Outpouring Of Love.

“One of the driving forces behind launching the group was to promote the more human element of the situation, so people are invited to send drawings, letters of support, cards and notes; even if they aren’t in a position to donate physically or financially. Please give what you can, even if all you have are a few kind words and some human warmth, they go a long way.’

“A network of over 15 Hubs has been created across the whole of Dumfries and Galloway. If you are unable to lift or don’t have transport then please get in touch as we are happy to come and collect if you can’t get to us.”

Liaising with volunteers from l’auberge des migrants, the organisers have made sure that they gather only items that are truly needed as sending the wrong things, however well meaning, can cause additional problems for those on the ground trying to help. Anything they can’t take to Calais will be either sent to Kos or Hungary where it is needed, or sold and the proceeds sent to people on the ground in those countries who can buy supplies directly.

“Warm clothing, shoes, shelter, toiletries and tinned foods seem to be most urgently needed and, with the colder weather coming, financial doations for firewood and perishable goods. Things like French-English Dictionaries are really useful too.”

 “If you have a van or lorry we could use, could help with fuel costs or driving, please get in touch as we need to get the aid to our friends in crisis.”

More information, including details of the region wide Collection Hubs, can be found on the Facebook group Massive Outpouring Of Love – D&G Refugee Action and there will be a collection from 10am – 4pm this Saturday 5th September and 6.30pm to 9pm on Tuesday 8th September at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 36 Edinburgh Road, Dumfries, DG1 1JQ.

Contact Moxie DePaulitte: 07773 351796

​Tabitha Mudaliar: ​07474 656463