New Funds to fix Winter Damage

SNP Leads the Way to get Roads Fixed After Winter Weather Damage:

New funding will be made available to help fix damage to roads after this winters unprecedented weather.

SNP Finance Secretary John Swinney is to give an extra £5 million to local authorities to meet the cost of the cold weather and ensure they have the funding to fix the damage to Scotland’s roads.

Announcing the funds from the SNP Government the Cabinet Secretary said:

“Recognising the pressure on councils caused by damage to the local roads network across Scotland in the recent severe winter weather, I can confirm today that the Government is separately providing an additional GBP5 million in 2009/10 to be shared across all councils.”

SNP MSP Willie Coffey welcomed the new funds:

“This unprecedented winter weather saw roads damaged through the sheer volume of snow and ice.

“The SNP Government’s decision to back councils and communities who worked valiantly to clear the roads with additional funds to ensure we can bring our roads back up to scratch for motorists across the country will be very welcome.

“While Labour politicians are arguing about who is to blame for snow the SNP is supporting and championing local people – starting with fixing the roads.”