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A local MSP has expressed concern over the sharp increase in low flying aircraft operating over the town of Langholm, which falls under one of three Ministry of Defence’ (MoD) Tactical Training Areas.
South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine has written to the MoD asking for an explanation, after local residents expressed unease that low flying jets were passing over head ‘hour after hour, day after day’ all last week.
Commenting Ms McAlpine said:
“Local people appreciate that flight training exercises are necessary to maintain pilot skills, but there are limits.
“It seems that noise in Langholm has been excessive recently and some constituents have asked me to investigate. Noise pollution can have an adverse effect on both physical and mental health.”
She added:
“Rural communities like Langholm should not be expected to take an unfair share of this disturbance – after all they don’t gain in any way from extra defence jobs or other MoD spending which in Scotland has dropped 27% in recent years compared to 11% for the UK as a whole.”