South Scotland SNP MSP, Emma Harper, has slammed Dumfries and Galloway and Scottish Borders MPs Alister Jack and John Lamont for, yet again, failing to support pensioners as they voted to scrap the triple lock pension guarantee.

A triple lock was introduced to the UK state pension in 2010. It was a guarantee that the state pension would not lose value in real terms, and that it would increase at least in line with inflation.

All of Scotland’s Tory MPs including Leader, Douglas Ross, Alister Jack and Borders MP John Lamont voted in favour of the proposal late on Monday night – except David Mundell MP who failed to even show up.

The proposal is set to leave over 1million Scottish pensioners £520 worse off next year, and a cumulative £2,600 worse off over the next five years.

Ms Harper has also pointed to research from the House of Commons Library, conducted in June, which revealed UK pensions are the least generous in north west Europe by comparison to the average wage. UK pensioners currently receive around a quarter (28%) of the average working wage whilst pensioners in Luxembourg and Austria receive 90%.

Commenting, Ms Harper said:

“Yet again, Scotland’s six Tory MPs – including Dumfries & Galloway MP and Scottish Secretary and Scottish Borders MP John Lamont – have failed to show a backbone and stand up to Boris Johnson to protect Scotland’s pensioners – pensioners in their own areas!

“Each of these MPs have voted in favour of taking money away from pensioners in their constituency and must now act to reverse their actions which will have disastrous consequences to Scotland’s pensioners. This is on top of the WASPI scandal, which disadvantaged over 23,000 women across Dumfries & Galloway and the Scottish Borders, a problem of the UK Conservative Government’s own making. The UK currently has the least generous pensions in north west Europe, and the Tories are determined to make things even worse.

“Scotland has had enough of constant Tory cuts and Brexit obsessed MPs. By breaking free from the chains of an undemocratic Union, Scotland could chart its own path. With the full powers of independence, Scotland can finally develop into a progressive, forward-thinking nation, and a nation that will always protect its pensioners from cruel Tory cuts. I am calling on Alister Jack and John Lamont to change their position and lobby the UK Government to protect Scotland’s pensioners incomes.”