“Meaningful options needed for control room staff” – McLeod

Dr Aileen McLeod today (Thursday) took part in a members’ business debate on the decisions to close the police and fire control rooms in Dumfries, during which she stated that staff affected by the proposals need to be offered meaningful employment opportunities within Dumfries & Galloway.
During the debate Aileen said:
“I recently met Police control room staff with my colleague Joan McAlpine and their distress both at the announcement and the way in which events had unfolded was clear and entirely understandable. They are right to take pride in the service they provide and their situation has attracted widespread support right across the region.
“To be fair to the Chief Constable, I know he has indicated recently that the prospect of relocating some roles to Dumfries is being examined. I welcome that statement as far as it goes but we need to see the detail behind it.”
Speaking following the debate Aileen added:
“I hope that Police Scotland, the SPA and the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service and their Board fully understand that people in Dumfries & Galloway are angry, hurt and feel very let down – both about the proposals and, as far as police control is concerned, the way in which the decision was made. 
“I accept the need for change but both Police Scotland and the Fire Service have a duty to their staff who are loyal, experienced and effective. That duty extends to them having meaningful employment opportunities in Dumfries & Galloway and I will continue to pursue this.”