McLeod welcomes Independence White Paper publication date

SNP MSP for the south of Scotland Dr Aileen McLeod today (Tuesday) welcomed the announcement by the Scottish Government that the White Paper on Independence will be published on 26th November.


The White Paper will set out what would happen between a Yes vote in September 2014 and the first elections to an independent Scottish Parliament in 2016 and also the SNP Government’s prospectus for independence, should the party form the first Government of an independent Scotland.


Dr McLeod commented:


“People across Scotland are looking for more information on independence and what it would mean for them. The most common question I am faced with from people I speak to throughout Dumfries & Galloway is ‘where can I find out more?’


“The White Paper aims to set out both the route that Scotland would take from a Yes vote in the referendum on 18th September 2014 to the first elections to an independent Scottish Parliament in 2016.


“It will also explain what the SNP sees as the benefits of independence to the people of Scotland and what policies and priorities the SNP would pursue if we were given the great honour of forming the first Scottish Government of independence.


“Experience is showing us that the more that people find out about independence, the more likely they are to support it. So I am looking forward to the 26th of November and the publication of the White Paper – I am confident that it will be both reassuring and exciting as it opens up in detail the full range of opportunities that independence can give us to make our country the best it can be.”


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