McLeod to address Yes Wigtownshire launch event

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SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Dr Aileen McLeod will this Saturday
speak at a public meeting in Stranraer’s Ryan Centre to mark the launch
of the Yes campaign for Scottish Independence in Wigtownshire. Dr McLeod
will be joined by Dennis Canavan, former Labour MP and Independent MSP
and Tam Dewar of Labour for Independence. The event will start at 3pm.

Dr McLeod commented:

“I am delighted to be speaking at Yes Wigtownshire’s launch event and to
be sharing a platform with Dennis Canavan and Tam Dewar in a truly
cross-party approach to Scotland’s referendum. This event is open to
anyone who is interesting in finding out more about the arguments in
favour of independence, not only those who are already supporting the
Yes campaign.

“On the 18th of September 2014 everyone aged 16 and above living in
Scotland will have the opportunity to participate in a referendum about
the future of Scotland – should we be an independent country responsible
for running our own affairs and creating the type of society we want to
live in, or should we remain a part of the UK with all that means for
the erosion of our welfare system and continuing with economic policies
that have systematically failed the people of Scotland?

“Independence is the best way forward for this country and for our
citizens. Scotland is a financially strong, productive and prosperous
country with huge potential. It is also a country that values social
justice and fairness and seeks to protect the disadvantaged and
vulnerable in our society. Only by having access to all the levers of
economic and social policy will the people of Scotland be able to decide
what kind of future they want for themselves, and for their children.

“I recognise that voters need as much information as possible on what
independence would mean for them, and for their families. Saturday’s
meeting is an opportunity to hear more of the arguments in favour of
independence but also to ask your own questions too.

“We believe that Scotland has everything it takes to be a successful,
fair and progressive country, with Scotland’s decisions being made by
governments elected by the Scottish people and I look forward to having
the opportunity to convince more people that independence is the right
way forward for Scotland.”