McLeod highlights “Tale of two Governments” on prescription charges

MSP for the South of Scotland Aileen McLeod has said the announcement that single prescription charges in England are set to rise by 40p over the next two years underlines the importance of Scotland being able to make its own decisions.
While patients south of the border will have to pay £8.25 for a single prescription by 2015/16, patients in Scotland will not pay a penny thanks to the SNP’s move to abolish prescription charges and end the unfair tax on ill health.
Aileen, who is a member of the Parliament’s Health Committee, commented:
“This latest rise in prescription charges south of the border is another demonstration of the importance of being able to make our own decisions in Scotland. It really is  a “tale of two Governments” and says a lot about their respective priorities.
“While those who need medical prescriptions in England are now facing an even stiffer financial penalty, the abolition of prescription charges in Scotland ensures that people will not be penalised for having a medical condition.
“Prescription charges place a tax on ill-health that is deeply unfair and which can be a real burden to household budgets. It simply entrenches health inequalities. That is why the SNP abolished prescription charges – a policy I am proud to support.
“With a growing recognition that there are large numbers of working families who are nevertheless below the poverty line, the SNP Scottish Government’s commitment to free prescriptions is ever more valuable. No-one should have to worry about getting the care they need because of the cost.
“When we are able to make our own decisions in Scotland we have the opportunity to make choices that reflect the values and priorities of people in Scotland. With a Yes vote this year, we will be able to build on our positive track record on issues like prescription charges and ensure that every decision affecting Scotland is made with the priorities of people in Scotland in mind.”

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