McLeod condemns Lib-Dem hypocrisy on Scottish policing

McLeod condemns Lib-Dem hypocrisy on Scottish policing
SNP South Scotland MSP Dr Aileen McLeod today (Wednesday) condemned the
Liberal Democrats for “shameless hypocrisy” following statements from
the party criticising appointments to the new Scottish Police Force.
Dr McLeod said:
“The shameless hypocrisy of the Lib-Dem statement beggars belief. The
fact, which they choose not to mention, is that police reform in
Scotland is happening because of the massive cuts to Scotland’s budget,
which the Lib-Dems have cheerfully nodded through at every opportunity.
“They also conveniently ignore the fact that the whole purpose of police
reform in to maintain police officer numbers at their record high and
protect, as far as possible, terms and conditions of service.
“This approach is in stark contrast to the approach the Lib-Dems are
taking in government in Westminster where police officer numbers have
been slashed, terms and conditions re-written and police officer morale
is reported to be at an all-time low.
“Dumfries & Galloway has a low crime rate and a very high detection
rate. I believe that, far from threatening that success, the new
Scottish Police Service will regard it as an example of good practice to
follow across the country.
“This is just another desperate attempt by the Lib-Dems to distance
themselves from their own members in government in Westminster who are
gleefully slashing Scotland’s budget.”

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