Local TV debate – ITV must do better for South of Scotland – McLeod

Local TV debate – ITV must do better for South of Scotland – McLeod
SNP MSP for the South of Scotland Dr Aileen McLeod last night called on ITV, Ofcom and the UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller to come up with a better deal for viewers in the South of Scotland as research commissioned by Ofcom shows substantial dissatisfaction with the channel’s current arrangements for local news reporting.
Dr McLeod was speaking in a member’s business debate on the subject secured by fellow SNP South of Scotland MSP Joan McAlpine.
Speaking following the debate, Dr McLeod said:
“I am pleased that Ofcom and the UK Culture Secretary Maria Miller have both recognised that there is a problem with local news coverage on ITV Border/Tyne Tees.
“I have to say though that these concerns are not new. They were all raised by my predecessor Alasdair Morgan when the merger happened in 2009 and were highlighted again when the Parliament debated the issue of local TV licenses in 2011.
“That said, I am keen to see what Ofcom and ITV come up with. It is clear that more of the same isn’t an option. In fact I don’t think that anywhere else in Britain would accept what currently passes for local news from ITV in the South of Scotland.
“This region has vibrant, strong communities with a real sense of identity. They deserve to see that reflected in the local news they are offered and which is relevant and immediate to them, rather than what they currently get – a large multi-regional organisation which pleases no-one.
“The message last night to Ofcom and ITV was clear – ITV must do better for the South of Scotland.”
Dr McLeod’s speech can be found here:


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