NND Scotland photo credit Commenting on the expected announcement that the Conservatives are to form the next UK Government in coalition with the Liberal Democrats, SNP Westminster Leader Angus Robertson MP said:

“Last week, Labour promised to keep the Tories out, this week they opened the door of Number 10 to David Cameron.

“The formation of a Lib Con coalition was not inevitable. The Scottish National Party stood ready to play our part in building a progressive alliance in the House of Commons – had Labour and the Lib Dems been willing to form a coalition, and prepared to reach out for wider support across the parliament and across the nations.

“Unfortunately, the Lib Dems preferred a regressive alliance with the Conservatives, and Labour preferred to inflict a Tory government on the majority of voters who rejected such an administration.

“Scots believed Labour and trusted Labour – that faith has now been shattered.

“This failure will haunt the Labour Party in Scotland for years to come. Thanks to Labour’s animosity towards the SNP and their refusal even to talk to the SNP about an alternative,Scotland now has a Tory Government with a savage cuts agenda.

“Labour and the Liberals will not be forgiven by voters in Scotland for allowing the Tories to seize power when together we could have stopped them.”