gaelic languageAlasdair Allan MSP has given a warm welcome to today’s publication of an action plan to create a new generation of Gaelic speakers.

    The plan, published by Bòrd na Gàidhlig on the instruction of Scottish Government Ministers, aims to make Gaelic more accessible to people of all ages who wish to learn the language and use it in everyday life.

    Dr Allan, the SNP MSP for the Western Isles, who will be speaking in Gaelic in the Parliament when it is debated this week, said:

    “There has been great progress made in securing the survival and status of Gaelic in recent years and the next step is to increase the numbers of people who use Gaelic as a living language.

    “The action plan published today is a very practical one, which focuses on how children, young people and adults alike can access different ways of learning Gaelic and incorporating the language into their day-to-day lives. It’s a big step forward in ensuring that Gaelic not only survives but also thrives and grows in modern Scotland.

    “I welcome today’s publication both as a signal of the SNP government’s belief in the central importance of Gaelic language and culture to Scotland’s social, cultural and economic life, and as a practical tool for creating a new generation of Gaelic speakers. What is new here is the focus. From now on, it is clear the emphasis of Gaelic policy is going to be firmly on turning round the decline in the numbers and ensuring the language is put to use.”