Collins comments on Labour budget press

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Collins comments on Labour budget press

Depute Leader of Dumfries & Galloway Council Brian Collins today
(Tuesday) criticised what he termed the Labour Group’s “shameless
misrepresentation” of the Administration’s budget proposals.
Councillor Collins commented:
“The Labour Group really has sunk to new lows in their comments
regarding the Administration’s budget proposals. This is just shameless
misrepresentation. They know perfectly well that between now and
February there is every opportunity for full scrutiny of our draft
budget by Councillors and the public.
“This morning’s meeting was simply the point at which our budget was
published. There is a full round of service Committees in January at
which all of the proposals will be subject to detailed scrutiny by
“The public can see our draft budget on the Council’s website with full
details of what we intend to spend money on as well as what savings we
have suggested.
“I made it crystal clear this morning that, not only do we welcome
comments and suggestions from other political groups and individual
councillors, we will publish those comments and suggestions after the
Council’s budget is set in February.
“The Labour Party’s comments on questions and local democracy are a
nonsense. The fact is that there is more opportunity to scrutinise and
challenge this budget proposal than any in the past five years.
“If the Labour Party don’t like our suggestions, that’s up to them. It’s
now also up to them to make their own alternative suggestions and say
what they would cut to pay for them.”