Boris bridge/tunnel plan shelved

South Scotland SNP MSP, Emma Harper commented;

“I have always been very sceptical of the bridge or tunnel proposals as part of the Union Connectivity Review and I, along with others including transport companies and experts, branded this idea as ‘pie in the sky’ from the get go.

“Even the Chair of the Northern Ireland Select Committee said that the prospect of the bridge was ‘ludicrous’, stating that a train in any undersea tunnel or sea bridge between Northern Ireland and Scotland could be pulled by an ‘inexhaustible herd of unicorns overseen by stern, officious dodos’. I am therefore pleased that the plans for this bridge, which would have cost billions of taxpayers’ money during a time of austerity and financial hardship caused by the pandemic and Brexit, have rightly been binned.

“I am now calling on the UK Government to stop undermining devolved areas of policy, including transport, and to work constructively with the Scottish Government to help implement the Scottish Transport Projects Review, due to be published this Autumn, which I hope will make recommendations for improvements to our arterial routes – the A75 and A77 – as well as our bus and train routes.”