75th Annual National Conference

The 75th Annual Conference of the SNP takes place in the new Eden Court Theatre in Inverness.

This year’s event, between 15 and 18 October, is a vital part of our programme of policy development as we head towards the Westminster election, and the Independence referendum in 2010.

The SNP’s Conference is the largest political conference in Scotland. More than 1,200 politically engaged delegates and visitors come to SNP conference for the wider experiences available.

You might be an individual visitor interested in attending for a day, a business keen to have a high profile presence or a charity wanting to promote your message and work.

Observer status

The SNP welcomes business, diplomatic and academic visitors to SNP Conference. Application forms are still available. Observer status provides a conference security pass, the Conference Handbook, an invitation to the Exhibitor Reception, and free access to attend events on the conference fringe. This includes a series of focused policy seminars with senior Party figures, offering the opportunity to engage first-hand on the key issues of the day.

Corporate Day Friday 16th October

The SNP will be hosting a Corporate Day on Friday 16th October. This includes a full programme for the day, including a business breakfast, seminars and a sit down lunch. The guest of honour at the lunch will be John Swinney MSP.

Business Breakfast Friday 16th October

The SNP will be hosting a Business Breakfast on Friday 16th October. The event is a sit down breakfast with speaker, followed by a question and answer session.

Contact us

To find out more about these and many other opportunities still available at this event, please contact Trudi Logan on or trudi.logan@snp.org


Party members can click here for more information.